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Why Do Ethicists Write Such Long Papers?

A discussion in Ethics-etc is here, followed by a poll and further discussion here.

Hard determinism and punishment
(or funishment)

a discussion of my paper in the philosophy blog Flickers of Freedom and in the economics blog Marginal Revolution

Flickers of Freedom (free will blog) November 2012 Featured Author

two discussions of my papers from the blog Garden of Forking Paths, here and here.

Some Questions About Moral Paradoxes 
(a five-part series of informal posts that appeared in the blog Ethics-etc.)

Jean Kazez on my paradoxical book in Talking Philosophy

Jean Kazez blogged on most of my paradoxical book in Talking Philosophy. Jean's discussion was perceptive; the comments were uneven, but some interesting points came up. I sometimes responded. The paradoxes discussed were chapters 1234,5689 from the book; and then some general comments.

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